воскресенье, 12 февраля 2012 г.

Savushka ...

This doll I had made for a wonderful child, he is blind from birth ... His parents are caring and very fond of her baby ... Happiness them, health and strength ...He has a great name ... Savely, his mother calls him kindness Savushka, owlet)))

When Sawa mother saw doll, she exclaimed: Yes, this is my owlet, Savka ... and my heart filled with tenderness and love .... I wish them only love, let it always be in their hearts)))

I love you, Evelyn, and Alex ... your mom)

3 комментария:

  1. Very good doll for a blind boy, he can use his hands to feel the eyes and the rest, it is a little angel for a beloved child! Hugs

    1. Yes, Lida! I had made him an angel, I wanted it to be the angel guardian for this baby)))