четверг, 26 января 2012 г.

For inspiration ...

Is perfectly frosty morning .... why frost, because we have -25 degrees, is perfectly frosty morning ... When so cold, the windows you can see the beautiful patterns, which draws Frost

That's how Frost draws on our windows ...
Beautiful inspiration ... my greetings ... Natalie)))

Snail ...

Has decided to ... it will be a place for needles ... but she really liked my 2 year old son Alex ... had to give ... let him play))))))

Good day to all and creative mood)))

Greetings ... Natalie)))

No name ..

Делала этого ангелочка на заказ ... поэтому не стала давать имя ... хозяйка, я думаю, выберет сама .... потом мне передали, что моя куколка поживает хорошо и обосновалась на дамском столике ..))) Желаю, чтобы она приносила только удачу и хорошее настроение в дом своих хозяев ))) и вам хорошего настроения
С уважением.. Натали

I made this angel for another ... therefore did not give a name ... hostess, I think she chooses .... Then I was told that my doll live well and settled in the ladies' table ..))) I wish that it brought only good luck and good cheer to the house of their masters))) and you do a good mood

суббота, 21 января 2012 г.

Soon, Valentine's Day...

Valentine's Day - a holiday, February 14 noted by many people around the world. The tradition of giving gifts on that day grew stronger with each passing year...)))
I also want to give you their Valentine's Day .... and I wish: love, fall in love and be loved, love their children and relatives ...))) I love you)))

I do not like to repeat ... so ...)))

пятница, 20 января 2012 г.

My angel)))

All good morning!!! Today fine winter day and easy морозец (-15)... My senior daughter of Evelina goes to a fine art studio, to it of only 6 years, but its works fill my heart with pride and pleasure... And I want to share this pleasure and good mood from viewing with all))) smile more often)))
This beginning of our winter... December... Snow still aren't present, but already there is no личточка on trees... All grass пожухла, blows a strong and cold wind.
And it is the middle of December... The snowball has closed all small streets snow... And it is a lot of birds on trees... We sometimes feed them... After all they have absolutely nothing to eat in the winter...
And it the end of December is drawn...

I hope you too have smiled together with me when looked at these drawings... Good all mood and creative day))) call on still)))
Yours faithfully Natali))

воскресенье, 8 января 2012 г.


Ангелы...мне нравится шить ангелов...я, конечно не специалист, а только учусь...но мне полюбились сразу эти чудные и длинноногие куколки ...что сказать ...влюблена)))