вторник, 21 февраля 2012 г.


Сшила я эту куколку уже давненько, но вот выставить ее, только сейчас руки дошли)) А, вообще, длинноногие куклы мне нравятся гораздо больше, чем маленькие и пухленькие, но все надо попробовать ... и еще как многое хочется попробовать.... и еще, я нахожусь в поиске...себя, идей, чего то особенного, но вот чего, я еще не решила наверняка))) Но, когда найду, я вам первым сообщу это))
А пока, вот она рыжая девчонка, Бэтси!!!

I sewed the doll is already quite a while, but here put it, only now reached the hands)) And, in general, long-legged doll I like them a lot more than small and plump, but you should try ... and yet how much I want to try .... and yet, I'm looking for ... myself, the ideas of something special, but that's what I have not decided for sure))) But, when I have, I will first tell it))
And yet, here it is redheaded girl, Betsy!

a good week, and mood))))
With love, Natalie)))

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  1. Hallo Nathalie,
    I made the same doll recently and it sits in the toilet now! I love the long legged one, but also the other shorter and fatter one, she is also very cute! I made that one for my friend in Sweden.
    I am busy with four quilts at the moment, the Ragtime (with the Scottish colors) the Farmers wife (up date tomorrow) and the new Waterloo.
    The new quilt with the house from Yoko Saito is also in the picture, but working on three today was more than enough!
    I will show how to cut the ragtime later in the week! Hugs from Holland,

    1. All clear, Lida, I really liked the Scottish cage blankets, scraps are beautiful ... yes, I saw your long-legged doll, she is very good and I look forward to the finished work)))